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If you've owned pets for any length of time, you know that their ongoing well-being requires high-quality vet services, just as the health and wellness of your human family depend on proper medical attention. Our Windermere veterinarian, Dr. Munamala, can provide a lifetime of after hours veterinary services in Cumming, GA, including:

  • Preventative Examinations - Wellness means staying on top of your pet's condition at all times. Our preventative examinations can evaluate every aspect of your pet's health to catch any irregularities that may call for timely treatment.
  • Vaccinations - Vaccinations are critical for keeping your pet protected against killer diseases. We can provide core vaccinations (which are a must for all dogs and cats) as well as more environment-specific elective vaccinations, plus booster shots to keep that immunity strong.
  • Pest and Parasite Prevention - Fleas, ticks, heart worm and other infestations need to be prevented if you want to keep your pet well. We can put your pet on ongoing preventative medication programs to stop these unwanted invaders from causing disease.
  • Spay and Neuter Surgery - Spay and neuter surgery can do wonders for your pet's wellness. In addition to preventing unwanted pregnancies, these surgeries can curb risky behaviors and eliminate reproductive cancer threats.
  • Dental Care - A healthy mouth calls for regular dental care. We can perform regular check-ups, deep teeth cleaning under anaesthesia, and treatment for infections, injuries, oral cancer, and other worrying issues. Diagnostics - Windermere Veterinarian Cumming maintains state-of-the-art diagnostic techniques and technologies so we can always pinpoint any health issues as quickly and correctly as possible. Our on-site radiology (X-ray) and laboratory services enable us to make recommendations and treat your pet right away.
  • Medical Treatment - When your pet is sick or injured, our Cumming veterinarian, GA can help. We offer a variety of treatment methods to help pets suffering from infections, chronic pain, acute injuries, allergies, obesity, cancer, organ dysfunction, and many other issues. We also provide on-site pharmaceuticals and other supplies.
  • Boarding - Boarding your pet at our vet centre can ensure that he's close to medical attention while you're away. We also provide regular meals, periodic exercises, and the reassurance of companionship.
  • Grooming - Grooming is essential for maintaining your pet's external health. We can give medicated baths, administer fashionable haircuts, express anal glands and trim overgrow toenails.
  • Emergency Care - Your pet is in good hands when trouble strikes. Our clinic can repair fractures, seal wounds, perform emergency internal surgery, and treat poison ingestion and more.

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