Microchipping FAQs

Pet Microchipping FAQs Answered by our Veterinarian in Cumming, GA

The thought of your pet wandering off and getting lost or stolen, or injured while away from you can be scary for many pet owners. This is why microchipping is so useful as it provides a way to locate your pet when needed.  At Windermere Animal Hospital in Cumming, GA we provide quality pet microchipping services so you don't have to worry if your pet ever wanders away from home. Our veterinarian, Dr. Munamala (Dr. Reddy), has provided the answers to some frequently asked questions we receive about pet microchips.

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What is microchipping?

A small chip that is inserted underneath the pet's skin, typically between the shoulder blades, that allows people with equipment to find out an animal's name and address. 

Why is it important for my pet to be microchipped? 

If your pet wanders off he cannot talk to tell people your name and phone number, and collars can slip off. This gives your pet a "voice".  A microchip is a permanent way to make sure that your pet is identifiable. 

How is the microchip put in my pet?

A simple injection put in the dorsal midline (scruff of the neck) that feels much like any other shot. The appointment is fast and easy on your pet. 

Does it hurt?

No more than a vaccination. A quick visit to the pet hospital and an injection can bring you peace of mind, make your pet identifiable in an emergency, all without a complaint from the animal in most cases. 

What animals can be microchipped?

Many pets including horses, cats, dogs, and ferrets can all be microchipped safely by a veterinarian

What else should I know before I chose to microchip my pet?

Keep in mind that a microchip is not a GPS device. The chip will need to be scanned by the vet or animal service provider that finds or is treating your lost pets. 

Contact Windermere Animal Hospital in Cumming, GA to Set Up Your Pet's Microchip Appointment

Contact us if you are interested in having your pet microchipped. There are many benefits and the procedure is non-invasive with little to no recovery time. Do not delay this simple procedure that will give your pet a way back to you if they wander. Schedule an appointment with our veterinarian in Cumming, GA by calling 770-887-0676.



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