Pests and Parasite Prevention

Sometimes it's the smallest creatures that cause the biggest problems in the animal world. If you own a pet, those problems may be the work of pests such as fleas and ticks, as well as internal parasites such as heart worms and digestive system worms. These organisms feed off of your pet, returning only disease and discomfort, however, you can protect your pet against these parasites with the help of our Veterinarian in Cumming and preventative programs at our hospital.

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Dangers Posed by Pests and Parasites

It's almost inevitable that a pet who spends time outdoors (and/or in the company of outdoor pets) would be exposed to a variety of pests and parasites. That's why it's important to recognize what these creatures are - and what harm they can do to your best friend. Some of the most worrying pests and parasites include: 

Fleas and ticks - Fleas and ticks hang onto pets by biting them, which causes skin irritation, allergic reactions, and itching. Scratching at the irritation only encourages breaking of the skin, which then makes your pet vulnerable to bacteria. Meanwhile, flea bites can give your pet bubonic plague, tapeworms, cat scratch disease and other diseases. Ticks transmit rocky Mountain spotted fever, ehrlichiosis, Lyme disease and other deadly threats.

Heartworms - Heart worms enter your pet in their immature form through mosquito bites, growing to maturity in the heart and lungs. In dogs, this eventually causes cardiopulmonary failure. Cats generally host fewer worms, but they're prone to serious or even fatal immune reactions as the worms die off.

Other worms - Hookworms, whipworms, roundworms, and tapeworms live in the digestive tract, stealing valuable nutrients from your pet's diet. These worms can also cause life-threatening diarrhea and damage to the digestive system.

Prevention Against Pests and Parasites

Preventing infestations is much safer and easier than treating a dangerous illness once it has taken hold. Bring your pet to Cumming animal hospital for the pest and parasite prevention. Our Pet Hospital Cumming can provide topical or oral medications, and in some cases collar-based preventatives, to make sure fleas and ticks have no chance to thrive and cause disease. It's equally important to start your pet on heart worm preventatives as early as they can tolerate them. Many of these drugs also offer protection against other types of digestive parasites. Our vet clinic can prescribe the perfect plan to help your pet stay safe and healthy.

Call us for Parasite Prevention

Count on the top-quality vet care at Animal Hospital Cumming to help your pet remain free of pests and parasites. Call our Veterinarian Cumming at 770-887-0676!

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