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Know When Should You Call After Hours Veterinary 

 What if your pets can talk to you & you’re able to understand their needs, cravings, pain & joy. Unfortunately, these innocent fluffy buddies can’t talk and express their feeling to you. We have to rely on their behavior, body language & various signs to predict their health. What if you’re with your pet, stuck somewhere in Cumming, GA USA & your pet shows symptoms of being ill? You’re fortunate enough, as a Veterinarian Cumming is ready to help you round the clock.

 It’s heart-breaking to see our pet is continuous coughing, sneezing, excessive panting, or labored breathing. It’s better to understand what you can do for your furry buddy when they show symptoms of being ill. 

 If you own a dog and it’s coughing continuously

 If your dog is coughing continuously, it is because of viruses, bacteria or parasites infecting the upper respiratory tract. Also, coughing can be a symptom of a heartworm disease which is caused by the bites of mosquitoes. Other reasons are heart disease, collapsing trachea, laryngeal paralysis, and chronic bronchitis. If the cough worsens or you see no room for improvement within a week, it’s time to contact after hours veterinary.

 Difficulty in breathing (dyspnoea)

 Normally, dog’s gums are pink hue but if it changes to blue, red or grey, it is an indication of troubled blood flow, oxygenation, internal bleeding or fluid in the lungs or chest cavity. Breathing problems can quickly become life-threatening, if not treated immediately.

 Distended or bloated abdomen

 It’s a serious health concern because of the accumulation of gas that later puts pressure on large arteries and veins. If your dog is often restless & panting excessively, contact the vet as soon as possible.

 Ingested any foreign element

 Is your pet vomiting too much? It might be because of ingesting any foreign element. As they don’t discriminate and eat whatever falls on their way, they fall sick easily.

 Avoiding food

 Is your jolly, active and foodie pet, now denying to take a bite? It can be painful and hazardous for your pet. Causes could be infections, dental problems or stress. If you notice this, call your vet as soon as possible.

 Difficulty urinating or excessive urinating

 Urinary tract infection or stones in the bladder can cause difficulty in urination. While excessive urination could be a signal of diabetes or a change in the weather.

 Windermere Animal Hospital Cumming knows how much you care about your pet and don’t want to see them suffering. For these reasons, loving & caring veterinarians in Cumming are always ready to treat your pets, be it morning or night. Call after hours veterinary at 770 887 0676.

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