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Pet Dental Care at Windermere Hospital Cumming, GA

Your pet’s dental health is a fundamental part of his overall health. During your pet’s regular physical examinations, the vet will also inspect the animal’s mouth and teeth to determine any problems. At Windermere Pet Hospital Cumming, GA, we can provide dental care that will help keep your pet’s teeth healthy and functioning well.

dog holding a tooth brush in his mouth after a pet dental appointment

Why Is Your Pet’s Dental Health Important?

Good dental health ensures that your pet’s teeth are in good condition, to be able to eat properly and provide proper nutrition for fueling normal body functions and for maintaining energy. Also, proper dental care will remove harmful bacteria in the mouth, reducing bacteria and inflammation in the body that can lead to disease.

Issues Your Vet Will Look For During A Dental Screening

Your vet will check the overall health of the animal’s mouth and will look for specific issues that could indicate a problem. Bad breath, discoloration of teeth, tartar buildup, loose teeth, excessive drooling, mouth pain or bleeding of the gums warrants further investigation and treatment. The vet will also ask about appetite, normal eating habits and any loss of weight that could signal dental problems.

Common Dental Problems in Pets

Pets can develop a number of dental problems. Sometimes, baby teeth are retained that cause problems in the mouth. Chewing on bones, rocks or other hard objects may break a tooth. In some cases, teeth become misaligned, making chewing difficult. Some animals develop abscesses in their teeth, which can be very painful. Congenital problems of the teeth or palate can occur. And animals develop tartar on their teeth just as humans do, which should be removed to prevent gum disease and tooth loss.

Your Vet Is Your Partner in Your Pet’s Dental Health

Your veterinarian provides regular teeth cleanings to prevent tartar buildup below the gums, where it can cause gum disease that loosens teeth. Your vet can also perform extractions of decayed teeth when necessary. If you get your pet accustomed to regular tooth brushing from an early age, he or she will accept it as a matter of course. Your vet can also recommend dental chews and teeth cleaning products that will help you keep your pet’s teeth healthy.

Contact Windermere Pet Hospital Cumming, GA for Pet Dental Care

The team at Windermere Pet Hospital knows your pet’s health is important to you. We offer a full range of after hours veterinary services to our pet patients for all stages of life. Call Windermere Animal Hospital Cumming, GA today at 770-887-0676 for an appointment to have your pet’s teeth checked to ensure continued good health.

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