Microchipping Your Pet with Our Veterinarian in Cumming, GA

Microchipping your pet can mean the difference between keeping your pet safe and losing them forever. This popular and non-invasive procedure can be done in-office at any reputable pet hospital, like Windermere Animal Hospital in Cumming, Georgia. At our clinic, Dr. Reddy regularly performs microchipping injections for his furry patients.  

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How Microchipping Works

Microchipping is essentially a way to track your pet if they are lost so you can more easily retrieve them. The microchip has a special number imprinted on it, which can be read by a universal scanner that most animal shelters are equipped with. Once scanned, they can contact the specific microchip company and get your information from them.

Each year, millions of pets go missing and unfortunately, most end up in shelters, never to be found by their owners. If your pet doesn’t have a collar on or loses it along the way, microchipping can help shelters find your contact information, so they can quickly contact you.

The Microchipping Process

With the life-saving qualities of microchipping, you may expect the procedure to be a long or painful one. In reality, microchipping involves injecting a tiny chip between your pet’s shoulder blades. While it’s most commonly used for cats and dogs, animals like horses, ferrets and other mammals can be microchipped with ease. A trusted veterinarian, like Dr. Reddy, can perform this procedure in seconds.

An important thing to remember is that after your pet has been microchipped, you must register your chip with the specific company that makes it. Unfortunately, many pet owners forget this step, making the microchip useless. If you move or change phone numbers, you will have to update your information with the company. During a regular physical examination, you can also ask your veterinarian to scan the chip to make sure it’s in the right place and working correctly.

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Dr. Reddy and his staff of friendly, after hours veterinary professionals at Windermere Animal Hospital can help ensure the safety of your pet with a microchipping procedure performed at our state-of-the-art office.  After a routine pet exam, your veterinarian will discuss the microchipping process and give you the necessary paperwork and registration information you will need. He will also answer any questions you may have so that you are completely comfortable and informed about the injection method.

In addition to microchipping procedures, we offer preventative exams, vaccinations, spay and neuter procedures, dental care, flea and tick prevention, pet boarding, emergency services and more.

For more information and to schedule an appointment, call Windermere Animal Hospital at 770-887-0676.  

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