Pet Boarding for Cats & Dogs in Cumming, GA

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Our staffs loves interacting with pets of all sizes, ages, and breeds—and we especially love helping pet parents get some much needed peace of mind when they're out of town! That's why we offer pet boarding at our veterinary hospital, all while having medical supervision readily available.

 Why Board My Pet?

There are many occasions when someone might need someone to look after their pet. Whether you're going out of town, having guests, hosting a special event or holiday, or doing renovations, boarding your animal can be a great solution for you and your pet:

  • By boarding your cat or dog at our pet hospital your pet will have much more company, attention, and care than if left alone at home and occasionally checked in on by a friend or neighbor. Boarding also helps you avoid the potential discomfort of asking a friend or relative to stay at your home or take you’re pet while you're away.
  • Pets left alone in the home for extended periods of time may also run into issues such as anxiety, accidents and home destruction, or even elopement (and in rare cases, theft).
  • In the unlikely event of a medical emergency while you're away, your pet will have immediate access to a skilled and experienced Veterinarian who can provide the necessary care and After Hours Veterinary services in Cumming GA.

How to Prepare Your Pet for Boarding at our Pet hospital Cumming, GA

Before your pet boards with us at our Pet hospital Cumming GA, we'll need to make sure your pet has all its necessary parasite prevention and vaccinations, including the flu vaccine and kennel cough vaccine (for dogs). For more information, please read through our boarding policies.

During your pet's stay, your animal will be afforded comfortable rest and sleeping arrangements, and plenty of opportunity for play time, exercise, and interaction with other animals (as appropriate) as well as our lovable boarding staff! We can accommodate your pet's unique needs, and keep in touch with you however often you'd like to let you know how your beloved companion is doing at their home away from home.

Are You Looking Someone Trustworthy to Take Care of Your Pet? Contact with us

Contact the Windermere Animal Hospital at 770-887-0676 to book your pet's boarding stay with us or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Munamala. With our vet team, your animal will always be in good, caring, and compassionate hands! 

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