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                                               Welcome to Your Windermere Animal Hospital Cumming, GA

At Windermere Animal Hospital Cumming GA, we are proud to be your choice local veterinarian Cumming, GA . With over 30 years of combined experience, our friendly and knowledgeable staff is happy to provide the highest level of vet care for your family pets. Whether it’s time for your pet’s annual wellness check-up or you’re interested in learning more about boarding and grooming, our doctors are always available to talk to you and give advice regarding your pets!

Welcome to Our Pet Hospital Cumming, GA

Our vet office was originally founded in 2010 with a motto to take care of your family pets as if they were our own. We always aim to treat pets with plenty of respect and compassion. Our vet, Dr. Giridhar.Reddy Munamala, and his team are proud to provide the highest quality of patient care. After graduating from the College of Veterinary Science, AP, and India in 1991, Dr. Reddy worked in a mixed animal practice before moving to the USA. He has been practicing small animal veterinary medicine in Georgia since 2000 and has since built up an incredible team around him.

Our Services

As a full-service Animal Hospital in Cumming, Ga, we are happy to be your one-stop shop for pet care needs in the greater Cummings area. Some of the services we offer include:

Pet Wellness Exams

Better vet care begins with annual pet wellness check-ups. During your pet’s annual examination with our vet, we will perform a comprehensive physical examination and diagnostic testing in an effort to identify any serious health condition early on. We will also complete a dental screening, address any health concerns that you may have and make sure your pet is on track with their vaccination schedule. 


Vaccinations are also an important part of your pet’s overall health plan. With the help of a comprehensive vaccination schedule, we can help to protect your pets from a wide variety of common diseases and viruses, extending their lifespan and keeping them healthy.


Just like their owners, your pets need to have regular dental check-ups to keep their mouths clean and prevent periodontal disease, which can be fatal if left untreated. Your pets require regular dental cleanings to help keep their oral health at an optimal level.

Pet Boarding

Who better to help keep your pets safe and protected when you aren’t around? Never worry about leaving your pet behind with friends or a pet-sitter when you have to travel for work or pleasure. With  access to trained Veterinary Assistants who can handle all of their food and medical care needs, boarding with us is the obvious choice!

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Want to learn more about the services offered at our Animal hospital in Cumming? Call After Hours Veterinary at 770-887-0676 or visit our pet hospital Cumming, GA online today to schedule an initial consultation.

Windermere Animal Hospital

 4415 Front 9 Drive #900

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  • "Great convenient hours! Dr Reddy is very caring when our dogs aren't feeling well. He always has his office staff call to follow up after appointments to check on them. I also have my dogs groomed there and Frank is the best! His office staff is also courteous and professional. I would highly recommend Windemere Animal Hospital for your pets needs."
    Evelyn Albano
  • "Dr. Reddy and his staff are the best. They really care about my dogs and go the extra mile. I really appreciate the pre-visit estimate, but more than anything, they answer every question and walk me through what I need to know. Someone is always there, too ... I called from the Yukon last summer! And they talked me through the problem until we could find a vet the next day. How great was that?!!"
    Rosemary McCowen
  • "I have been going to this location for a few months with my dear Pearl and I must say that we have been treated with such care and attention. I would recommend this location to all pet owners."
    Sherman Adside
  • "Dr. Reddy is the most caring doctor I've ever met. He goes above and beyond to make sure my dog is on the right track to getting better when she's sick. This past week he met me at the clinic on his day off to examine my dog and make sure she received medication. I'm so grateful to have found this clinic. I will never take my pets anywhere else!"
    Lauren Vitucci
  • "Dr. Reddy and Darien are always very friendly, caring, and professional. They are attentive to our concerns and/or questions. They explain procedures carefully for us to understand. They call back to check on our dog's progress. Outstanding animal hospital. Thanks!"
    Linda Smith
  • "I just want to say I'm giving this place a 5 star review. I had called this vets place this afternoon and spoke to Dr. Reddy who I can say was very sincere. I had told him what was going on with our dog and he told us to bring him right in .Our dog had some eye problems going on . They ran all kinds of test Mitch was awesome with rascal . They had explain everything step by step and told us everything that they where doing. Dr. Reddy did a pressure test on rascal . Then he went back and retook it again with another machine that he went and got . This right here is amazing that him and his staff are truly caring . I want to thank you ALL once again for taking care of us ."
    Lisa Kelly
  • "He is very friendly and has a professional but great pet side manner. He has built his staff us as his business has grown. Darin and Monique work with him and they are great. His wife is also a vet. and fills in whenever he has to go out of town. She has handled an emergency with my 11 year old Vizula and took the time to call Dr. Reddy while out of town because I was so worried about my Hans. She is great too."
  • "I just cannot say enough great things about Dr. Reddy and his staff! I rescued a puppy from a pretty dismal situation and two days later I found out she had parvo. I found Dr. Reddy online because my normal vet was not open on Saturdays and they let me bring my sweet puppy right in! When they told me it was parvo I was devastated but they assured me they would do everything they could to save her. My baby was in their hospital for 3 days on an IV and Dr. Reddy called me himself every single day with an update and called my puppy by her name. He even let me come visit her during her treatment! That was about 3 months ago and my puppy totally kicked parvo's butt with the help from Dr. Reddy and weighs almost 26 lbs. now! She is a joy and the light of my life that I just cannot thank this team enough for saving. Dr. Reddy is now my usual vet and I drive 40 minutes one way just to make sure my animals get the best care possible! Thanks Dr. Reddy and staff!"
  • "Dr. Reddy genuinely cares about his patients and their owners. Our little Pixie has been very ill with severe pancreatitis and my husband and I have been very worried and have been to the point of putting her to sleep. He personally has called us several times to check on Pixie's status. We know that we can call Dr. Reddy anytime for advice or to express a concern. Dr. Reddy has gone beyond the normal standard of care and thus given us more time with her, and she may just make it! No small part due to Dr. Reddy's expertise, competence and genuine care. His assistant, Karen, always welcomes us with a smile and also cares about her patients. We are so grateful to have found a caring vet like Dr. Reddy"
  • "Dr. Reddy is the best vet I have ever used. He takes time to discuss diagnosis and treatment options and is very compassionate in his demeanor and approach. This was of huge importance to me after moving to the area with a very elderly dog that required alot of attention in the last months of her life. Dr. Reddy was always very patient and kind, even when I was very emotional and he also provided euthanization services in my home so my beloved girl could pass in comfortable and familiar surroundings. The prices are also very reasonble. I just can't say enough good things about Dr. Reddy. My daughter has also started using him for her two dogs after my wonderful experience."
  • "Best Vet Ever! Dr Reddy is by far the best vet I have ever taken my dogs to! I have only positive things to say about him and his care for my dogs!"
  • "Dr. Reddy is the best vet! Dr. Reddy at Windermere Animal Hospital truly cares about your pet. He will take time to explain everything fully, provide different options, and call to follow up. He's available anytime and has even offered to take a scared dog home when boarding if necessary. Dr. Reddy is the best vet!"
  • "Most wonderful vet ever! There are not enough kind words to say about Dr. Reddy. He truly cares about his "fur patients" and their parents. He takes the time to explain a diagnoses and the treatment necessary. When my 15 year old cat became ill, Dr. Reddy gently examined him and did blood work and xrays. He even called several times to make sure the medication was working. That is Dr. Reddy called. Not the vet nurse, but Dr. Reddy. Just last week I called the office at 7am in the morning and Dr. Reddy answered the phone! He even called in a prescription refill for my cat. Dr. Reddy and his staff treat patients with respect and dignity. I just wish physicians were as thorough and caring as he is!"
  • "They are wonderful! I love Windermere Animal Hospital. Dr. Reddy and his staff are the kindest to Lady, my puppy. Everytime we go, her tail is wagging and she gets all excited to see Amy and Stacy. I board her there and I know she's in good hands. They are gentle and competent, an excellent combination. Their prices are very good too. I recommend..."
  • "Valuable Advise and Gentle Pet Care! Dr. Reddy and his staff have been the most attentive and detailed veterinarian professionals that I have had the pleasure to have for my pet since I have been a pet owner. He takes extra care with our new puppy and provides valuable advise to us as pet owners. Also - his prices are very reasonable and, compared to other vets I have had in the past, he really seems to care about the well being of your 4-legged family members. Highly recommended!"
  • "Caring Vet! Dr Reddy was wonderful to my grand-dog. Dr Reddy went above and beyond to try to determine the problems with the dog. He is a truly caring veterinarian and a caring man who was so concerned. After the visits, he made several calls to follow-up. The Windemere community is fortunate to have Dr. Reddy."
  • "Best vet EVER! I cannot say enough about Dr. Reddy and the quality of his care and the extent of superb customer service he and his staff offer. His prices are very fair. He's always available by phone if he's not in the office (but he's there all the time!) He did patella surgery on one of my dogs at an extremely reasonable cost. Right now he is treating a dog we just rescued for heartworm disease and he has been more than fair with his rates on that. We have 3 dogs and 3 cats so we spend quite a bit of time and money at vets. I can truthfully say Dr. Reddy is the best vet I've had in all the many years I've had pets. LOVE this doctor!"
  • "GREAT VET! Dr. Reddy has worked on all 3 of my dogs with superb results. When my 14 year old dog needed surgery, he LISTENED to my concerns and called me several times during the day with reports so I wouldn't worry. He explains everything and answers all my questions so I can understand. His rates are reasonable, and he gives you a printed estimate with both cost and procedure. The staff is great, too, and have always been helpful. His hours fit our busy life, and the location is perfect. Dr. Reddy obviously loves pets and it shows in his wonderful work."
  • "Dr. Reddy is great!! Dr. Reddy is wonderful. When we first discovered my cat had mouth and gum issues, he actually brought out one of his textbooks and gave me a lesson and told me and my husband the special things we would have to do care for our cat's progressive disease. His wife who is also a vet came in to help when Dr. Reddy was out of town and was equally as sweet, knowledgeable and caring as him. I highly recommend!"
  • "Home Town Vet! I am so thankful that Dr. Reddy opened his practice in Windermere, just a few minutes away from my home. The best thing about Dr. Reddy is that he always takes time to talk with you about your pet's diagnosis. He compares the symptoms your pet is experiencing to what you would feel as a human. Dr. Reddy is compassionate and understands when you tear up because a cherished member of your family is sick. He knows your pet by name and never rushes you through an examination. Our dog, Waldo, is 14+ years old and fighting through her second bout with cancer. We are seeing specialists for her chemotherapy treatment, but always consult Dr. Reddy for his opinion. I hope Dr. Reddy can maintain his Home Town Vet style as his practice grows. I couldn't be more pleased with the care and compassion he has shown Waldo, and I recommend him to all my friends who have pets."
  • "High Quality Affordable Vet Services! This is a brand new state of the art facility with well trained, professional staff providing a wide range of pet health services. The office staff were very friendly and helpful and Dr. Reddy is caring, knowledgeable and excellent! From regular preventive services (vaccines, testing, etc) to grooming, my experience has been exceptional. They explain to you what they are doing, why, what it costs and no surprises. Highly recommend for all your petcare needs including boarding"
  • "He doesn't mind spending time explaining things to you in detail. As mentioned in another review, I also like that he goes over the charges with you before he begins. His staff is very nice and helpful and his office is clean with up-to-date equipment. His rates are reasonable too! Plus - OPEN ON SUNDAY - with no additional weekend or after hours charge. When does that ever happen? I believe I have found a Vet I can count on who really cares, is available and will have the best interest of my pets in mind."
  • "Dr. Reddy saved Alpha's life! When Alpha, our family dog, was two years old, he was very sick and Dr. Reddy was his early care vet. He worked hard to discover that Alpha had Addison's Disease, a very rare diagnosis in dogs that took many tests to pinpoint. When Dr. Reddy prescribed medicine, Alpha was very responsive. Dr. Reddy is very good about following up and readjusting the medication. Alpha is now a very happy and active dog, and we are happy to have him with us five years later! Alpha says thank you, Dr. Reddy! He's the best vet that Alpha has ever had!"
  • "Happy Pugs! Recently our regular vet decided to no longer do general care and do specialized surgery, so we needed to find a new vet. We found Dr. Reddy on line and called him for an introductory visit. He had us come in and bring our 3 pugs to meet him at his facility. The facility is new, and state of the art and the staff is highly trained and experienced and couldn't be more friendly. Dr. Reddy made us feel welcome and was open about his philosopy of pet care and about his experience, and his fees for services. The fees are very fair and we did not hesitate to make Dr. Reddy our new vet. Our pugs are very happy with our choice. We highly recommend Windermere Animal Hospital and Dr. Reddy, and staff."
  • "Affordable Pet Care! Finally, pet care that's actually affordable. I have had vaccinations and grooming there...saved nearly 30% from what I was paying a few miles away...and this place is walking distance from my house. They did a superior grooming job too. A great find!"
  • "Excellent Pet Care! Our excellent care started even before we stepped foot into the office. I called around to see about rates at other vets offices because I wanted a second opinion on my dogs eye problem. I called the office on a Wednesday, the one day they are closed, not thinking I would get a call back until the next day and got a call back from them within 20 minutes. Dr. Reddy talked with me over the phone about my dogs issues. I was surprised because he was genuinely concerned about my dog and even offered to meet me at his office on his day off. Dr. Ready and his staff are wonderful and I appreciated them showing me how much the tests were going to run before they ran them on my dog. I haven't gone to a vet that has done this once. I was very impressed with there customer service and knowledge. I will now take all my dogs to Dr. Reddy."
  • "The Best Vet Care Around! Highly qualified, professional vet, truely caring for our pets & their health care needs for 8+ yrs. Friendly, helpful & courteous staff. Highly Recommend."

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